All assets used in this project are free to use. The ones sourced have been listed. The ones that are not listed, have been created by me.



The font used in this project is: Montserrat


The images used in this project have been sourced from: Unplash.

Guy Making a call next to a computer
People Pointing at a Laptop
Happy Girl With Floating Shapes
Man on a Computer
Hand Holding a Phone
Hand Pointing at a Laptop
Advertising Screen on a Laptop
People Taking Notes on a Desk
Guys Face 1
Guys Face 2
Girls Face

Logo Place-Holders

The Logo Place-Holders used in this project have been sourced from: LogoIpsum


The Icons used in the project have been sourced from: Fontawesome

LinkedIn Icon White
Youtube Icon White
Twitter Icon White
Instagram Icon White
Facebook Icon White
Facebook Icon
LinkedIn Icon
Twitter Icon
Link Icon
Pin Icon
Book Icon
Mail Icon
Ribbon Icon
Phone Icon
Arrow Icon
Chart Icon
Bars Icon
Plant Icon